Request for Post-Judgment Spousal Support Orders

Filing Fee


If you have not yet paid a first paper fee of $435, that fee will also be due.


1. Prepare Your Paperwork

A request for order sets a hearing with your judicial officer to request an order in your case. Common requests include custody, support and property orders. 

2. File with the Family Law Business Office

File your Initial Pleadings with the Family Law Business Office. Be prepared to pay a filing fee or submit a fee waiver.

3. Have Your Paperwork Served

Copies of your paperwork will need to be served (delivered) to the Respondent by an adult who is not a party to the case.

4. Appear at Your Hearing

Appear on time at your scheduled hearing to present your request and support facts and obtain orders from your judicial officer

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You can ask for a change in your child support amount when there is a change in circumstances. For example, if you change the amount of time you spend with your child, you can ask for a change in your child support by filing a Request for Order.

Before you decide to ask for a change in child support, it is a good idea review the child support guideline in your case. Use the California Guideline Child Support Calculator to estimate how much child support the judge may order in your case. To understand how to fill in the information, it is important to view the instructions. Remember, this calculator only gives you an estimate. The amount the judge orders may be different based on information from the other parent or other factors that affect child support.

If you have a temporary restraining order, you may file an ex parte application with the court to request the termination of your temporary restraining order prior to your court hearing. If you've changed your mind and don't feel you have the need for the restraining order, you can also simply not appear at your hearing, which will result in a a dismissal of your request.

If you have a restraining order after hearing, you may file a Request for Order with the court to request the termination of your restraining order after hearing.